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It is with great pleasure that we announce that Ag Adjuvant (AgA) has been endorsed by Punk Rock Farmer. Jonathan does not endorse any product he does not use and love. He has been using AgA with great results and he is sharing those with his extensive network.

We have joined him in his quest to end food insecurity by our support of Brandywine Creek Farms.

Great things happening as we wind down 2021.

Well, I just got in from putting an elf suit on my Halloween skeleton and realized the year is winding down and 2022 is almost upon us.

This year is ending on some strong notes. Punk Rock Farmer reports the FFA had a successful 2021 Convention and although it was a little soggy, there were some great farm tours. Hats off to the future of farming!

Jeff Turner out at Glasscock Coop reports that lots of good cotton came through this year and everyone is looking forward to 2022.

Tennessee in some areas have had more than their share of rain so hopefully they will have some dry weather coming now that temps are starting to get to the freezing mark.

Dust off your roasting pan and get ready for Thanksgiving!

As many of us are aware, food insecurity is a huge problem for many here in the US. Small towns, cities, rich counties and inner city-there are no differences when food is an issue.

Soon we will be making an announcement on AgA will be part of a growing charity to end food insecurity. Keep watching our social media


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