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  • What are crop adjuvants?
    Quality Adjuvants are not toxic, bio-degradeable materials added to crop protection products like Pesticides and Herbicides. Agrochemicals enhance the efficacy of active ingredients and improve the overall performance of the product. Adjuvants properly applied should increase weed and bug kill rate by at least 30% over applications without adjuvants.
  • What are the two classes of adjuvants?
    There are more than 2 classes of adjuvants. Proper adjuvants can help minimize spray application problems along with increasing a herbicides or pesticide's effectiveness. Technically herbicides and pesticides are both Pesticides. However common usage refers to chemicals that kill plants as herbicides and chemicals that kills insects as pesticides. Adjuvant mechanisms vary but the 6 primary functions of Adjuvants are drift control, surfactant, wetting agent, sticking agent, safener and micro lube. At a minimum adjuvants should increase herbicide and pesticide kill rate by more than 30%.
  • What is the active ingredient in this product?
    It is a non-ionic polymer that is non-toxic and UV biodegradable.
  • Can this be used with selective herbicides for lawn applications? Will it harm the grass?
    AgA will not harm the grass itself. It's purpose is to create an optimal event for the herbicide on the plant. This allows the herbicide to fully work for it's intended purpose.
  • will this work with dominion insecticide on trees?
    yes it will.
  • Is this product a non-ionic surfactant?
  • Is it toxic?
    It is not.
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