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Why 6-in-One AgA Is The #1 Spray Additive Value

Drift Control & Surfactant

Best in market Drift control puts spray on target accurately.

Industry leading Surfactant increases contact and the sprays chemical activity.

Wetting Agent & Sticking Agent

Proprietary Wetting Agent slows evaporation, retains moisture which increases spray effectiveness.

The Sticking Agent resists removal by wind and rain.

Safener & Micro Lube

The Safeners unique coating aids crops hardiness to the active base chemical

Exclusive Micro-Lube keeps your spray system clog free and clean which reduces downtime

Happy spring and after some of the terrible weather in the southern United States-it could not come quickly enough.

Start looking for AgA in your local farm stores and Co-Ops. Our sales staff is on the road working in all the new markets, bringing products to you.

As always, we are here to answer questions and if you want a sales call-let us know and we will make those arrangements.

Happy Planting!

Here's hoping everyone goes in to 2021, safely and happily.


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