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Is it important to you that the products you use are American made? AgA is proudly made in the US and we proclaim that on our label and all our information. And the products we have in experimentation stage are made here. Check out labels! Buy American and support small businesses.

More exciting AgA news coming soon.

Happy National Farmers Day! "Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful, and most noble employment of man." -George Washington

And remember, in many parts of our great country-it's harvest time. And that means tractors and other farm machinery are moving slowly on our roads. Instead of being impatient be thankful that our farms and farmers are working to keep us fed. #Everytractorcounts

Through all the challenges of 2020 Farmers have provided the US with all the food, fiber and fuel we needed to keep going. Their health and safety are so important to the health of our nation because #EveryFarmerCounts!


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